Client Solutions: Risk Management

Since Wortham was founded over a century ago, one of the company's core strengths has been our focus on helping clients actively manage their risks.

As the business environment has evolved and become more complex, Wortham has continued to expand our line of risk management services and products.

Client Solutions: Risk Management

At Wortham, our team of seasoned professionals works in tandem with clients to minimize their cost of risk, which includes retained losses, insurance premiums, and administrative and risk management expenses. To achieve the lowest cost of risk, we analyze retained losses and develop loss forecasts. In addition, we design strategies that minimize collateral requirements and other ancillary expenses.

Wortham's team of experts has extensive experience in reviewing contracts to uncover potentially harmful issues. Since the structure of insurance and indemnity contracts can impact the design and viability of clients' insurance programs, our team conducts an in-depth review of each contract to provide improved protection for our clients.

Among the risk management services that Wortham provides to our clients are:

  • Claim Services - Our state-wide claims professionals will assist through the entire claims process providing our client with numerous services, reports and claim advocacy
  • Loss Control Services
  • Property Engineering - Our property loss control services provide critical services that assist with the development of appropriate protection programs and underwriting assistance
  • Safety Programs - Wortham safety professionals are experienced in a wide array of casualty safety services
  • Exposure - Our analysis includes the use of a proprietary exposure survey to help the client and Wortham better understand the breadth of potential exposures
  • Retention Levels - A critical factor in the overall cost of risk and in the financial planning for a Wortham client is our analysis of the potential impact of losses with various retention levels
  • Benchmarking - Wortham provides analysis of a client's insurance program with the largest risk management data base in the world
  • Loss Analysis - Management's financial planning and assistance with underwriting and program marketing are all important deliverables from Wortham loss analysis
  • Contract Review - The review of insurance provisions in contracts, other contractual risk transfer issues, and the impact on a client's risk management program is an important Wortham service for many clients
  • Risk Management Information System - Many Wortham clients have found that the RiskMaster system used by Wortham to manage loss and other risk management information is critical to their ability to analyze such information, provide management with timely accurate information, and assist with underwriting and marketing
  • Online Client Access
    • Document Management - Wortham can provide clients with online access to risk management information through a secure portal linking with Wortham's information management system
    • Insurance Certificates (ECerts online) - Many Wortham clients have availed themselves of the 24/7 convenience of our online certificate issuance system.